Friday, 18 May 2012

Some very usefull commonds for youtube

Did you know that you can use advanced commands to perform more dynamic searches on Youtube?, Yes today you’ll Learn how to narrow or expand your searches and search for multiple items simultaneously. Today we will See how you can get Accurate Video search results on YouTube using simple Commands in plain English. Now a days Webmasters are also optimizing their videos using simple SEO techniques and that’s the reason you might end up getting Wrong search results, just like Google.
Youtube Search Commands
 So here’s are the 8 lesser known YouTube search commands:

#1. channel – This Searches only YouTube channels

#2. this week | today | this month - Searches videos uploaded in the given time frame.

#3. partner – Searches for video uploaded by YouTube partners only.

#4. movie – Searches for full length movies available on YouTube.

#5. hd - Limits only HD quality videos.

#6. 3d – Limits only 3D videos.

#7. playlist – returns only videos in playlists.

#8. long – Returns videos that are 20 minutes or longer
To use the Above simple search commands all you have to do is type in your search followed by a comma and the command. Example:
Eminem, this month
Microsoft, 3d

#9. You can also mix or combine the above commands with commas and apply them all to your search query.
Example: Eminem, this monthhd
The above Query will return all the HD videos of Eminem that have been uploaded to YouTube this month.

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