Friday, 11 May 2012

Hack any Facebook account using phisher

Hey friends today I will tell u a facebook account hacking method which work’s surely above 80%. Here we trying to Phishing the facebook website through email. Its simply known as Smart Phishing With Email Trap.

This smart phishing is almost undetedable because we send HTML mails to the victim with same header as that of original mails by email address that looks similar to original one. And ask user to join some Group or watch video or read comment etc.. So its quite easier to exploit fact.

Here is the steps for Hack Facebook Passwords or Accounts ?

Step 1.First you have to download the Facebook phisher.

Step 2. Then Extract the rar file now you will get two files as given below:

• index.html

• write.php

Step 3. Now upload all the two files in any free webhosting server because since its cast free. No one want to spend money for hacking. On these servers try the username as nearer to original URL like faccbook or fecabook etc.

Step 4. You Now have done upload and now you have to send these to your victim.Now you reach most important step of smart email phishing.

Here is some sample for your better understand

This the sample email that comes to your email account from facebook.

Now You have to edit this mail. Open this email and click on forward now you will see this email in editable mode now remove the forwarded headers etc and forward from Header.

Remember your Name in Gmail must be Facebook and email account should be like etc… Now you have to put the Fake link of index.html file which you have got after uploading in a web hosting server in place of Two exploit points.Mind it always put link in href and original text should be as such. And also try to keep the link as much as closer to facebook original link.

Step 5. After sending phisher to victim, once the user logs in to his Facebook account using your Phisher, his user ID and password are saved in our hosting folder as a text file..And these are stored in passes.txt What you have to do is just refresh your Web hosting account files.

Step 6. And that file will contain the passwords and look like this:

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