Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Remove Facebook Timeline forever from any web browser

Many people don't like facebook timeline. they want old facebook back, but there is no option for this. So if you also one of them and want to hide or remove the Facebook timeline from your Facebook profile or Facebook pages, then you have to try a new addon from Timeline remove.
This is the best and easiest method to do it. The best part of this app is that it will work on any browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. Just install the addon in your favorite browser and remove Facebook timeline from your Facebook Profile and Facebook pages. Follow the below steps to install the Facebook timeline removal addon.

How to Remove Facebook Timeline:

Step 1. First of all visit to install the addon on your browser.

Step 2. After the installation just restart your browser to see the changes on your Facebook timeline.

Step 3. Now your Facebook timeline is removed from your Facebook profile and Facebook pages. 

That’s it now you can enjoy your Facebook without the Timeline feature.

How to Enable Timeline Again:

Now the question is how we can enable it, if we wanna use it in future. Just disable addon to view Facebook’s Timeline once again.
In Firefox Go to Addon and disable the Timeline, remove addon and in Google Chrome go toSetting > Extension and remove the Timeline Remove extension. 

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