Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MS-word, MS-Excel and MS-Access notes

Hii friends, today I m going to share MS Office 2003 Notes, Becose of less time I m not going to write more about it...
bellow are the links to download




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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Use any trial softwares full time

This trick is amazing, No need of any software for crack or for increase time period, just edit registry. This works upon 3rd party software, just applying simple steps you can easy crack any software. What we going to do, we will remove the trace that the software was previously installed in your computer and the next time again when you install the software it will not find the trace back that this software had been previously installed in this computer.

Steps are here:

  • .First uninstall the software.

  • Go to Start-> Run and just type “Regedit”.

  • Now in 3rd step go to HK Local Machine -> Software -> Your Software name. Delete the Key. Do this 
  • for HK Current user if there exists a key of that software.

            Go to Start-> run-> then type “%temp%. Delete all files. (it is for delete temporary files)

  • Go to My computer->documents and settings-> Users -> Username -> Appdata Check all 3 directories that is “Local”, “LocalLow”, “Roaming”    for    your software entry. Delete that.

  • Now just reinstall application and enjoy the next trial :). You can use this every time..... 

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Create Interesting mail_ID like

Be ready for this blasting post,............  Many of you tried to create mail Id with your name, on gmail, yahoomail, hotmail, and etc,..  now time to impress your friends by creating some interesting email id like etc. 
Now you would be thinking from where we can create these types of interesting email ids. Its very easy and you will find any mail Id becose I have founded some very new sites, and there all the names you can think are available now,

so to create this type of mail ID's you Just have to do one thing Send me  your name 
(at for new mail ID you want to create, and I will reply with Your email_ID and Password, after that you will be able to configure your mail ID, password and all other settings.

Send this mail with/from your own existing email_id where I can send Your new mail ID and password.

NOTE:  The same service is available to create new blogs or  free websites, you have to fallow the same proccess, given above,..

Domains are limited so to get your fevorite mail ID, send me as soon as possible...

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Friday, 17 February 2012

Downloaad Torrent Files with Idm

I have published another post about hou to download a torrent file with IDM, or with your default Download manager,.

In the previous trick It was compalsary to register on that site Before using, But now I have founded another trick, where you can easly use this service withought any registration, in few simple stapes,.

Stapes to do,..

1. first download the torrent file, Which you want to download from torrent site,

2. Now save this file on your computer(at the place you can easly found ).

3. Now go to the

4. Click on upload, and upload the torrent file(you have downloaded)

5. Click on GO 

6. Wait for catching the torrent file,

7. Now click on download button(Upmost green button)

8. It will ask for choose your account.
 Choose free account

Wait your download will start in few seconds....

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Friday, 3 February 2012

IDM crack for any virsion


In my previous post i have provided the crack for IDM 6.07. but now I am going to provide you the crack for all the virsions of IDM. this also allows to update your IDM to be updated with latest features,..

first Install any virsion of IDM you have.

There are some easy stapes to get any virsion of IDM for lifetime.

 1. First download this file here. Download  
2. Extract it (with win zip, or win rar, or any other extractor you have)
3. double click on the  File 
4. click on "start".

if you want to update your IDM, click on "Update", 
(NOTE:=} Don't forgate to crack it again after Updating it)

wowwww........ you have done... 


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Thursday, 2 February 2012

use airtel 2G plane with 3G speed,..

Rs.106 for 2GB (30 days)
 to activate fallow the stapes carefully,....

1-Activate an 8hrs 3G plane and then wait for the service is started,(in 8hrs you will get 10mb free data usases for 1 day)

2- After the service activation use the 2-3 mb of data.and then recharge with 98Rs mobile office plane on the same day. And do not use internet till your 8hrs plane validity get finished.(wait fo.r one day)

3-After the one day waiting, you can use internet with 3G speed and your 98Rs plane is activ, it will not charge you any thing...thats ittt....

NOTE: you can use only a free data usases of 2GB. In 3G speed you wont notice your 2GB get finished, So always try this trick in loww balance