Saturday, 20 October 2012

Google chrome offline installer official link,,

I am here with the trick to get Google chrome's setup file from its official link, Generally Google is not providing the setup file, it only provides a file of about 500Kb and then after clicking on that, it will download about 30 MB.
The bad thing about it, every time you want to install the Chrome on your PC, you need to download this.

But i found the link through which chrome can be downloaded as a complete setup file and can be installed on  any PC,
                               chrome setup
Here are the steps,.

 first click THIS LINK.
  then a new page will be open here again click on the link
: Alternate installer for all user accounts  
3.   Again a new page will be open here click on


4.  The download will automatically begin in a few seconds.
  This is it you got the setup, now install it on where ever you want to install.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Trick To Install Windows XP In Very Less Time

Window XP, the most popular Operating System in the world. Even Window 7 and Window 8 has been launched by Microsoft but the users of Window XP are not reduced. Most of the Desktop users only use Window XP. Window XP is simple to use and that’s why most of the users use it. When we install Window XP it requires around 40 minutes to set itself up. The installation time can be reduced to near 15 minutes. This will be particularly helpful for those who frequently setup Windows XP.       windows XP 

So here is the trick,

Step 1. Boot from Window XP disk.

Step 2. After the setup has copied all the files which are required for installation of Window XP, it will prompt you to indicate a location to install the OS.

Step 3. After having selected the drive, the setup would now format it and reboot.

Step 4. On reboot, the installation starts and the screen will tell you that you require around 40 minutes to complete the setup.

Step 5. Now press Shift + F10 to bring in a Command Prompt Window. Type “taskmgr” (without quotes) which will open up the Task Manager.

Step 6. In the Task Manager, click on the Processes tab. Search for a process named Setup.exe.

Step 7. Right click the process and set its priority to ‘High’.

That’s it, now the installation will be faster and will complete within 15 minutes approximately.

Monday, 1 October 2012

WinRAR Full Version 4.20 Download With Crack

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Winrar full version
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  • -) It also offers a “Wizard” feature which is an easy interface that allows you to compress and decompress files, by providing step-by-step dialogue boxes.
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