Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to Insert Images in Facebook Chat | Facebook Hacking

I have received many requests asking – “How to insert images in Facebook Chat” or “Is there any way I can insert images in Facebook chat” .
You might also have the same doubt in mind.
And the answer is Yes.
You can actually insert images in Facebook Chat, you may use them as emotions or similes as well (as the size of the images is small).
The beauty of this trick is that you can even display the images of people who are not in your Friend list or can even display the Images of Facebook Pages on chat.
Now here is how to do it.
Open your chat.
  • Just Go to your profile or any other profile or any official page you want to use as an emotion ot want to use theimage in Facebook chat.
  • See the url and copy the username or if there is no username specified then copy the profile id. For example From this url you need to copy learnethicalhacking
  • Just paste this in chat window within double brackets such as [[learnethicalhacking]] and send it to your friend then the profile id associated with the username or profile id will show in chat box.
Facebook Hacking | Hack Facebook Chat | Insert images in Facebook Chat
Facebook Hacking | Hack Facebook Chat | Insert images in Facebook Chat
See How simple was that.
Note:- IF you are accessing Facebook from your mobile then the image might not be displayed and normal brackets say [[learnethicalhacking]] will be displayed.
One more thing this image / emotion works only in chat window. You cannot use it in comments, status update or wall posts. 

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