Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Reason Why Do You Really Have to Unplug Your Cable Modem, shut Down Your Cmputer For at Least 10 Seconds

The reason why it’s a valid procedure:

A lot of modern technology contains capacitors! These are like energy buckets, little batteries that fill up when you put a current through them, and discharge otherwise. 10 seconds is the time it takes most capacitors to discharge enough for the electronics they’re powering to stop working. That’s why when you turn your PC off at the wall, things like an LED on your motherboard take a few seconds to disappear. You probably could wait a different time, but 10 seconds is the shortest time you can be sure everything’s discharged.
Why fully powering down the device matters hinges on how data is temporarily stored in it. A typical modem or router has two types of memory: Non-volatile Memory (NVRAM) and regular old Random Access Memory (RAM) like the kind in your computer. The router boots off the code stored in the NVRAM and then uses the RAM just like your computer would to write temporary variables, execute code, etc. By fully powering down the device and letting the electrical charges dissipate, the RAM is wiped and, upon rebooting the device, the micro operating system in the device has clear RAM to use.