Saturday, 12 May 2012

How to visit blocked site at your collage

In some collages and universities, some sites are blocked like Facebook, twitter, orkut, digg etc. Almost everybody wants to know how to unblock this kind of websites, so i am going to tell you a few strategies. OK Lets say you wanted to go on but your stupid school blocks it, well here is how to bypass it.

1.Open up Command Prompt (Explained Above) Type Exactly this:

"Ping(Space) " without the quotes of course

It should then say pinging and will give you a number that should look abit like this. 

Ok now,

This number is your key, go to your web address bar type in

You will now be running youtube on the school / work computer through Youtubes 
IP Address.

2. Use a proxy server/unblock site such as or Or, a good one is, i'm pretty sure no one has blocked it
That's just four there are many more:)

**if your school is constantly blocking the proxy you use, you could try going to On Peacefire you can set up your own proxy
OR join the mailing list which sends you a URL of a new proxy everytime one is made which is about 3-4 times a week.
Added by IGotDaHacks Although all credit goes to Bennett Haselton, Owner of Peacefire

3. Go to and click on "Language Tools" 

Now in the space where you can translate webpages type the desired website

Click "German to English" then click translate, So basically the website is already in english so it cant be translated.

When you search for the Website at school on google, Below the link to the website should be a little link saying "Cached" Click that and you should be in.

Thanks , That's all on unblocking websites FOR THE MOMENT, We may have some more info later.

Does your school computer erase everything you installed after reboot? it's probably using the program deep freeze, to temporarily disable:

Download deep freeze unfreezer from


  1. i m using micromax device with tata docomo and use to connect to internet by just clicking on the connect button on it and having win 7 with chrome but when ever i use to set proxy my internet connection doesn't establish please tell how to make it possible

  2. The proxy you are trying to use may be blocked, so retry with some new proxy addresses,


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