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Why Should You buy Original Antivirus Software, How Antivirus Works

Hey Friends! This time at Hacking Guru, instead of any hack I have brought a Topic of Healthy Discussion for you.


Should you Buy An Original Antivirus or not?

Everyone out here might have a different approach and a different answer to this question.
Well I am just going to give you pros and cons of this topic and then you can decide on your own, whether its worth going for an Original AntiVirus Software or not.
Well in this insecure cyber world Trojans , Key loggers , Worms and other forms of virus are just like terrorists of real World. They aim to harm anything and everything they can.
Our Systems Firewall And Antivirus act as Soldiers to defend us from these malicious attackers.
All kings of virus whether Trojan , Key logger or worm are nothing but small softwares whose execution starts whenever we click on them, Knowingly or unknowingly.
These software are meant to either harm the computer or to fetch out important information.

So how does AntiVirus work ?

Any idea?
Well Read on..
All the virus Have a unique signature, when an Anti Virus Scans for  a virus in a file, it just looks for that signature in that file, and if its there , the file is considered as a virus if not , its safe.

Well Now Lets Come to the discussion that ,

Should you Buy an original AntiVirus or not.

The only advantage of using a pirated Antivirus is  that its free. You may use keys available online but they too are blacklisted very soon and after that you can’t update the AntiVirus any more , any thats where the problem starts.
So you may think

What if the AntiVirus is not updated?

Let me tell you with an example..
There are hundreds of AntiVirus Softwares Available and millions of virus online, hundreds of new virus are launched everyday. Now Suppose that you have a pirated AntiVirus , you got its key and even managed to update it and after that its black listed a week ago. Now if any Anti Virus is launched after you updated the AntiVirus Software, you won’t be able to update it and so you won’t be able to add the signature of new Virus to AntiVirus’ Database. And if any file infected with that virus comes, your antivirus will not be able to detect it and that’s it. Your Anti Virus Software was as good as nothing then.
Now Let Me Present Another Point Of View..

Is using an Original AntiVirus enough to protect your machine?

What do you think?
Well actually it depends on 1 thing, is it updated or not.
Let me share a small incident with you -
A friend of mind said , “I am using an original Antivirus and I don’t even Have an Internet connection , Still My Machine has many Virus in it. The AntiVirus Software is useless”.
Well was it actually AntiVirus’ Fault?
Normally many people have a misconception that if you don’t have an Internet Connection,  you have very less chance of getting a virus and those using internet get virus very often.
This isn’t actually true.
Even if you  use an Original AntiVirus on a machine that is not connected to internet, the software will never be able to update its database and would be as good as nothing.
No doubt without the internet Connection , the number of ways a virus can attack your system is reduced, but the chance that your AntiVirus is going to Detect that Virus is reduced at a greater extent. Which in turn makes your system more vulnerable.

So What is the solution for this?

Well We found that outdated Antivirus are of no use. We even Found that  even an Original Antivirus which is not updated on regular basis is of no good.
Learn Hacking Suggests all its readers to opt for an Original Antivirus espically if you do online transitions or netbanking or share other confidential data online  and Keep it updated to protect yourself in this insecure Cyber World.
I am sure this was something new for most of you out here..;-)
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Internet Connection Sharing on Windows XP

Today i will let u know about sharing your internet connection over windows xp. This trick shows you how to share your internet connections on multiple computers within a workgroup with Windows XP. Windows XP has a built-in feature that some of you may be knowing it is called "Internet Connection Sharing" (ICS) that allows home users to share their internet connections on multiple computers.

If you are not familiar with the network configurations, the easiest way to share your internet connection is to purchase a router or hub. Use this trick only if you don't have a router, or don't want to use a router, or if you just want to try out the feature.
A simple way to understand this feature is, you are making your host computer (the computer directly connects to the internet) functioning as a router for other computers.

What do you need?
  • A "Host" computer that running Windows XP. This computer must have at least TWO (2) network adapters. One adapter - let's call it "port 1" - connects to the internet and another, "port 2", connects to a hub or directly to other computers.
  • Client computer(s), which run any version of Windows. A client computer can be connected to the host computer directly by a cross-over cable or indirectly through a hub.
  • This trick assumes that the host computer is connected to the internet and you are able to access the internet on this computer.

Configure the Host Computer
      1.Logon the host computer as Administrator.
      2.Click Start >> Control Panel.
      3.Click Network and Internet Connections.
      4.Click Network Connections.
      5.Right-click the connection that you use to connect to the internet (the connection with port 1). 
         This connection can be either a high-speed internet connection or a dial-up connection.
      6.Click Properties.
      7.Click Advanced tab.
      8.Under Internet Connection Sharingselect the Allow other network users to connect through 
          this computer's Internet connection check box.
      9.If you are sharing a dial-up Internet connection, select the Establish a dial-up connection whenever
          a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet check box if you want to permit your 
          computer to automatically connect to the Internet.
     10.Click OK. You'll reieve the following message:
     11.When Internet Connection Sharing is enabled, your LAN adapter will be set to use IP address  
 Your computer may lose connectivity with other computers on your network. If these other 
          computers have static IP addresses, it is a good idea to set them to obtain their IP addresses 
          automatically. Are you sure you want to enable Internet Connection Sharing?
     12.Click Yes.
         Configure the Client Computer(s)
         To use the shared connection from the Host computer, a client computer must be configured with"Automatic IP address". The main configurations are:
  1. Configure TCP/IP Automatic IP
  2. Configure Internet Connection
The steps for the above two configurations are vary on different versions of Windows.
The following procedures are for Windows XP client computers.
  1. Log on to the client computer as Administrator or as Owner.
  2. Click Start >> Control Panel.
  3. Click Network and Internet Connections.
  4. Click Network Connections.
  5. Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click Properties.
  6. Click the General tab, click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in the This connection uses the following items list, and then click Properties.
  7. In the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties dialog box, click Obtain an IP address automatically (if it is not already selected), and then click OK
  8. Click Start >> Control Panel
  9. Click Network and Internet Connections.
  10. Click Internet Options.
  11. In the Internet Properties dialog box, click the Connections tab.
  12. Click the Setup button. The New Connection Wizard starts.
  13. On the Welcome to the New Connection Wizard page, click Next.
  14. Click Connect to the Internet, and then click Next.
  15. Click Set up my connection manually, and then click Next.
  16. Click Connect using a broadband connection that is always on, and then click Next.
  17. On the Completing the New Connection Wizard page, click Finish.
  18. Exit Control Panel and test the internet. You might need to restart the computer.
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Latest Airtel 3g Trick June2012

Hi Frndz,
I am back with new 3g airtel trick  just for u all 

Airtel Free 3G GPRS Trick 

Follow The Below Instructions:-

1) Create New GPRS Settings In Your Mobile Phone.

 2) Connection Name:- HRJTricks or any name u want

3) APN (Access Point Name):-

4) Proxy Address:-

5) Port:- 80

6) Homepage:-
# Note:- After Making Setting Restart The Mobile Phone. 

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Reliance Latest Free GPRS Trick

Hi Friends, 

Reliance Free GPRS Trick

Its working 100% in Delhi , Haryana , Punjab And Rajasthan...

Create A New Setting:-

Name:-HRJTricks  or what u want


Apn:- rcomnet OR rcomwap OR rcommms

Proxy:- OR

Port:- 80

Note:- Try This Trick At 0 Balance.

Try With Any Ucweb.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Google Chrome With New 3d Look – Three Dimensional View Of Browser With 3d Glasses

Before a few days mozilla launched its 3d option…..
Now google chrome too…… with 1 step ahead…
Let’s see how to enjoy google chrome with exciting 3d browsing…

But before using, u need 3D Glasses to view Google Chrome In 3D

So buy a red-blue 3D glasses, or make your own 3D Glasses from the below link :-

Put on your 3D glasses, then download and install this – Google Chrome 3D Installer.exe            mirror
After installing it, you will see this new option :-
Just click on it and enjoy Google Chrome In 3D

Some Frequently Asked Questions :-

Q — How does it work?
A — Using technology known as stereoscopy,CADIE brings you the web in 3D. Stereoscopy provides the illusion of depth by presenting slightly different images to each eye. You¡¯ll need to use our printable glasses in order to experience the web in 3D.

Q — Why did you create this?
A — CADIE acknowledged the disconnect between the online world and the real world (one being three dimensional and the other two dimensional).In order to narrow this gap, she created a wayto access the web in 3D.

Q — Does it work on all sites?
A — Yes. Google have developed technology that converts any existing web page into anaglyphformat in real time.

Q — Does it work for everyone?
A — The majority of people will be able to view the web in 3D immediately. Certain individuals with accommodative disorders (like Presbyopia) may have trouble viewing pages properly.

Easy Way to Convert any Document to PDF

Many of you are using adobe reader to read pdf files. Any one think about that how to create your own pdf document. There are many application available to make pdf file but BullZip provides a Free Pdf printer application that can simply “print out” your document or webpage to a pdf file, just about the same way as you print it out to a printer.


  • Runs on all the windows based operating system.
  • Immediate output to the same data file each time or immediate for location.
  • Password protect PDF documents.
  • Watermark text, size, rotation, and transparency.
  • Several outcome kinds supported: BMP, JPEG, PCX, PDF, PNG, and TIFF.\
  • Easy to use.
  • GUI supportable and many more.
  • This application is totally free with limitations.
So don’t wait and Download Free Pdf printer and install it in your system. Browse any document or webpage and click on print option to make you own pdf document.

  Download   here    

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Latest working free GPRS trick for airtel

Today I'm Coming With Two New Proxies.These Airtel Proxies 100% In All Over India.Try These Airtel Proxies And Enjoy Airtel Free Gprs.

make these settings for free GPRS in your phone or PC. If you want to use this with PC then you need to change the proxy for browser you are currently using.

Airtel Proxy Trick 1 :


Proxy :

Port : 80

Home Page :

Airtel Proxy Trick 2 :


Proxy :

Port : 80

Home Page :

Resident Evil 5 Game( free download)

Resident Evil 5


Resident Evil 5 is a fun and frantic evolution of RE4's breakthrough gameplay and the series' horror themes.

The game begins as Chris Redfield is deployed to Kijuju, Africa, to join Sheva Alomar
 and apprehend Ricardo Irving, who is attempting to sell a bio-organic weapon on the
 black market. Along the way, they witness a local being fed a parasite, which quickly 
takes control of his body, turning him into a Majini. From here on, almost all Kijuju locals
 seen by Chris and Sheva have been turned into Majini. While moving to the location 
of Irving's deal, Chris and Sheva find Alpha team dead, except Captain DeChant, who
 gives them a hard drive containing data about Irving before he dies. As the duo progress,
 a friendly helicopter is downed, and all nearby BSAA units are ordered to go to the crash
 site. At the crash site, the duo is ambushed by Majini on motorcycles, but are then saved 
by Delta team. Among Delta team is Josh Stone, Sheva's mentor who gives Chris data
 from a hard drive that contains a picture of Jill Valentine, his old partner, who was 
presumed dead after a confrontation with Albert Wesker. Chris does not tell Sheva
 about the image and they continue, and eventually confront Irving. During this confrontation,
 a hooded figure arrives to aid Irving's escape. Irving leaves behind files which indicate that
 an oil field in the Marshlands, which was used to test out bio-organic weapons, is the actual
 deal location, the previously suspected one having been a hoax to slow the BSAA while the
 actual deal was taking place. The duo report this to headquarters, then attempts to regroup
 with Delta team. Upon arriving at the rendezvous point, they find that Delta team has also
 been killed by a bio-organic weapon, but Sheva cannot find Josh among them
. After defeating the bio-weapon, Sheva suggests reporting back to HQ, being the two sole 
survivors, but Chris admits to Sheva his true reason for participating in the mission, and expresses
 his determination in finding out if Jill is still alive. After a brief argument, Sheva concludes tha
t they are partners, and she will help him all the way. They continue on to the Marshlands, 
eventually finding Josh alive. They pursue Irving on a boat, but he escapes again and the 
oil field is blown up while the two escape with Josh on a speedboat. The trio locate and catch
 up to Irving's boat, and Chris and Sheva board it. Irving confronts the duo, and then injects
 himself with a virus, which causes him to mutate into a gigantic beast. Chris and Sheva defeat
 the mutated Irving, who is detached from the gigantic beast body, and upon death, he tells Chri
s that he will find answers to his questions in a nearby cave.


download mirror 1 (3gb approx.)

download mirror 2(iso file -7gb approx)

download mirror3 (7 gb approx)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Make voice calls using Micromax modem(MMX350G, MMX352G)

Here the latest software version for Micromax 353G USB modem manager. The new 
Micromax MMX 353G Dashboard 3G USB modem driver application comes with new
features like Voice Call support, included Google Chrome browser, USSD option
which enable you to check your data balance or credit balance in app while you running

The Micromax MMX 353G 3G USB Modem Manager Version v5.517 has new voice call
function and all old features found on Previous Micromax MMX USB Manager v5.381. The 
supported Network Type are GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA and Support 7.2 Mbps HSUPA 
services. It support Operating System: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista SP1 and
Windows 7 etc.
                         micromax 353 3G
The new big features is here the support for Voice call, using it you can make and received phone calls on Your computer or laptop. It gives you a dial page and phone book and call log with all received, dialed and missed calls. 


Earlier version provides a new M! Apps option which special service by Micromax. In this M! Apps you can use special free application by Micromax like Zenga Live TV, Facebook, Cricket, Yahoo mail, Yahoo Pulse, Flickr, Nazara Comic Zone, Microamer Internet Radio, Money Control, Yahoo Finance, Just Dial, etc.
You can send or receive SMS using the app and access your SIM contacts. You also can select The Network mode for either HSPA/UMTS or EDGE/GPRS and you also can leave it for auto. The Micromax MMX 353G USB Modem Manager application shows your all internet volume statistics for send an received data. It show total volume, Max and average data rate. It support mostly Micromax MMX 3G USB datacards (3.6 Mbps or 7.2 Mbps) like MMX310G, 352G Data Card (MMX352G), 353G Data Card (MMX353G) and others.

Instructions for How to Use with Old Modems: IF YOU FOUND IT NOT WORKIN for your old modem like MMX310G (v5.289) etc and it show no device, just follow these tips. Keep installed your old modem driver version and install this new one. The new version will be installed in a separate folder in C: drive (C:\Program Files\MMX353G 3G USB Manager). Now when you insert you modem, it'll autorun or ask to click ShowModem.exe, just start it and then Exit it (Not close, exit using right click on tray icon near the clock). Now run newly installed 353g driver from Start menu or Desktop. Now it'll detect your modem and Work fine to use all new features. Enjoy! Dlnk

Download mmx353G 3G here,..

Saturday, 16 June 2012

How to Hide Data in Image, Audio & Video Files: Steganography

How to Hide Data in ImagesEver wondered to know how to hide secret messages in images, audio and video files? Well, in this post I will take you through a concept called steganography using which, it is possible to hide your secret information in image files, songs or any other file of your choice. At the end of this post, you can also download free stegnographic tools and start hiding your data.

What is Steganography?

Steganography is a means of obscuring data where secret messages are hidden inside computer files such as images, sound files, videos and even executable files so that, no one except the sender and the receiver will suspect the existence of stealth information in it. Steganography may also involve the usage of cryptography where the message is first encrypted before it is concealed in another file. Generally, the messages appear to be something else such as an image, sound or video so that the transfer of secret data remains unsuspected.
The main advantage of steganography over other methods such as cryptography is that, it will not arose suspicion even if the files fall in the hands of a third party. Unlike cryptographic messages, stegnographic messages will no way attract the attention of a third party by themselves. Thus stegnanography has an upper hand over cryptography as it involves both encryption and obscurity.

What are the Applications of Steganography?

Steganography is mainly used to obscure confidential information/data during storage or transmission. For example, one can hide a secret message in an audio file and send this to another party via email instead of sending the message in the textual format. The receiver on the other end will decrypt the hidden message using the private decryption key. In a worst case scenario, even if a third party does manage to gain access to the email, all he can find is the audio file and not the hidden data inside it. Other usage of steganography include digital watermarking of images for reasons such as copyright protection.
Eventhough steganography has many useful applications, some may use this technique for illegitimate purposes such as hiding a pornographic content in other large files. Roumors about terrorists using steganography for hiding and communicating their secret information and instructions are also reported. An article claiming that, al-Queda had used steganography to encode messages in images and transported them via e-mails, was reported by New York Times, in October 2001.

How do Steganography Tools Work?

Stegnography tools implement intelligent algorithms to carefully embed the encrypted text messages or data inside other larger files such as an image, audio, video or an executable file. Some tools will embed the encrypted data at the end of another file so that there will be enough room for storing larger data.
There are many steganography tools available online but only a few are able to work flawlessly. I did not find any tool that worked perfectly on both small and large data. However I have  managed to develop my own tool that can work perfectly on all types of files and all size of data. The tool is called “Stego Magic“. You can download it from the following link.
Download Stego Magic
The zip file contains two versions of Stego Magic: One for encrypting the text messages and the other for encrypting binary files. StegoMagic_TXT can be used to hide text messages in other files such as an image or a sound file. StegoMagic_BIN can be used to hide one binary file in another such as an executable file inside an image or an image inside a video file.
With Stego Magic, there is no limitation on the size and type of the file that you are intending to hide. For example, you can hide a video of size 1 GB in an image of size 1 MB or hide an executable file inside a WORD document. The tool is pretty straightforward to use and requires no special understanding of the concept.
At the end of the encryption process, a secret decryption key will be generated and the same is required during the decryption process.

How to Use Stego Magic?

Suppose you want to hide a text message inside a JPG file:
1. Place the JPG and the text file (.txt) in the same folder as that of StegoMagic_TXT.exe
2. Run StegoMagic_TXT.exe and follow the screen instructions to embed the text message inside the JPG image.
3. Note down the secret decryption key.
Now you can send this image to your friend via email. To decrypt the hidden message, your friend should load this JPG file onto the Stego Magic tool and use the secret decryption key.
I hope you enjoy this post :) . For queries and feedback, please pass your comments,

How Firewalls Work

If you have been using Internet on a regular basis or working in a large company and surf the Internet while you are at work, you must have surely come across the term firewall.
You might have also heard of people saying “firewalls protect their computer from web attacks and hackers” or “a certain website has been blocked by firewall in their work place”. If you have ever wondered to know what exactly is this firewall and how it works, here we go. In this post I will try to explain “How firewalls work” in a layman’s terms.

How Firewalls Work:

Firewalls are basically a barrier between your computer (or a network) and the Internet (outside world). A firewall can be simply compared to a security guard who stands at the entrance of your house and filters the visitors coming to your place. He may allow some visitors to enter while denying others whom he suspects of being intruders. Similarly a firewall is a software program or a hardware device that filters the information (packets) coming through the Internet to your personal computer or a computer network.
How Firewalls Work
Firewalls may decide to allow or block network traffic between devices based on the rules that are pre-configured or set by the firewall administrator. Most personal firewalls such as Windows firewall operate on a set of pre-configured rules that are most suitable under normal circumstances so that the user need not worry much about configuring the firewall.
Personal firewalls are easy to install and use and hence preferred by end-users for use on their personal computers.  However large networks and companies prefer those firewalls that have plenty of options to configure so as to meet their customized needs. For example, a company may set up different firewall rules for FTP servers, Telnet servers and Web servers. In addition the company can even control how the employees connect to the Internet by blocking access to certain websites or restricting the transfer of files to other networks. Thus in addition to security, a firewall can give the company a tremendous control over how people use the network.
Firewalls use one or more of the following methods to control the incoming and outgoing traffic in a network:
1. Packet Filtering: In this method packets (small chunks of data) are analyzed against a set of filters. Packet filters has a set of rules that come with accept and deny actions which are pre-configured or can be configured manually by the firewall administrator. If the packet manages to make it through these filters then it is allowed to reach the destination; otherwise it is discarded.
2. Stateful Inspection: This is a newer method that doesn’t analyze the contents of the packets. Instead it compares certain key aspects of each packet to a database of trusted source. Both incoming and outgoing packets are compared against this database and if the comparison yields a reasonable match, then the packets are allowed to travel further. Otherwise they are discarded.

Firewall Configuration

Firewalls can be configured by adding one or more filters based on several conditions as mentioned below:
1. IP addresses: In any case if an IP address outside the network is said to be unfavorable, then it is possible to set  filter to block all the traffic to and from that IP address. For example, if a cetain IP address is found to be making too many connections to a server, the administrator may decide to block traffic from this IP using the firewall.
2. Domain names: Since it is difficult to remember the IP addresses, it is an easier and smarter way to configure the firewalls by adding filters based on domain names. By setting up a domain filter, a company may decide to block all access to certain domain names, or may provide access only to a list of selected domain names.
3. Ports/Protocols: Every service running on a server is made available to the Internet using numbered ports, one for each service. In simple words, ports can be compared to virtual doors of the server through which services are made available. For example, if a server is running a Web (HTTP) service then it will be typically available on port 80. In order to avail this service, the client needs to connect to the server via port 80. Similarly different services such as Telnet (Port 23), FTP (port 21) and SMTP (port 25) services may be running on the server. If the services are intended for the public, they are usually kept open. Otherwise they are blocked using the firewall so as to prevent intruders from using the open ports for making unauthorized connections.
4. Specific words or phrases: A firewall can be configured to filter one or more specific words or phrases so that, both the incoming and outgoing packets are scanned for the words in the filter. For example, you may set up a firewall rule to filter any packet that contains an offensive term or a phrase that you may decide to block from entering or leaving your network.

Hardware vs. Software Firewall

Hardware firewalls provide higher level of security and hence preferred for servers where security has the top most priority whereas, the software firewalls are less expensive and are most preferred in home computers and laptops. Hardware firewalls usually come as an in-built unit of a router and provide maximum security as it filters each packet in the hardware level itself even before it manages to enter your computer. A good example is the Linksys Cable/DSL router.

Why Firewall?

Firewalls provide security over a number of online threats such as Remote login, Trojan backdoors, Session hijacking, DOS & DDOS attacks, viruses, cookie stealing and many more. The effectiveness of the security depends on the way you configure the firewall and how you set up the filter rules. However major threats such as DOS and DDOS attacks may sometimes manage to bypass the firewalls and do the damage to the server. Even though firewall is not a complete answer to online threats, it can most effectively handle the attacks and provide security to the computer up to the maximum possible extent.