Sunday, 27 May 2012

Make invisible folder(without name and Icon)

Hey Friends ! With this simple Trick you can make your private folders invisible to others without using any kind of software.
Basically Every folder Contains two parts, an icon and a name. So to make the any folder invisible you will have to make both the icon and the name Invisible.
Step 1 –  Make the Name Invisible
• For Making the Name Invisible First Select the folder which you want to make Invisible.
• Now Press F2 key then Type ALT+0160 and Hit Enter .
• Now you will see that the name of the folder has become Invisible.
invisible name How To Make Folders Invisible Without Using Any Software
Step 2 - Make The Icon Invisible
• For Making The Icon Invisible First you have to Right click on the folder whose name you made Invisible.
• Now Go to Properties and then go to the Customize tab.
• Now click on the Change Icon button and Select any blank icon there.
invisible folder trick How To Make Folders Invisible Without Using Any Software
Note – There will be Many Blank and other Icons so for making your Folder Invisible Select any Blank Icon and Click on OK.
That's It ! Now your Folder is Invisible and only you know that where your Invisble Folder is located  on your computer .


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