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Hack Windows XP Administrator Password Using XP CD

Here’s a quick and easy way to change your administrator password on Windows XP.
Hack Windows XP Administrator Password Using XP CD

1. Place your Windows XP CD in your cd-rom and start your computer (it’s assumed here that your XP CD is bootable – as it should be – and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)
2. Keep your eye on the screen messages for booting to your CD Typically, it will be “Press any key to boot from CD”
Hack Windows XP Admin Password
3. Once you get in, the first screen will indicate that Setup is inspecting your system and loading files.
4. When you get to the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to Setup Windows now
5. The Licensing Agreement comes next – Press F8 to accept it.
6. The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair.
It should read something like “If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged, Setup can try to repair it”
Use the up and down arrow keys to select your XP installation (if you only have one, it should already be selected) and press R to begin the Repair process.
7. Let the Repair run. Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files which can take several minutes.
8. Shortly after the Copying Files stage, you will be required to reboot. (this will happen automatically – you will see a progress bar stating “Your computer will reboot in 15 seconds”
9. During the reboot, do not make the mistake of “pressing any key” to boot from the CD again! Setup will resume automatically with the standard billboard screens and you will notice Installing Windows is highlighted.
10. Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This is the security hole! A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system.
11. At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. Voila! You have just gained graphical access to your User Accounts in the Control Panel.
12. Now simply pick the account you need to change and remove or change your password as you prefer. If you want to log on without having to enter your new password, you can type control userpasswords2 at the prompt and choose to log on without being asked for password. After you’ve made your changes close the windows, exit the command box and continue on with the Repair (have your Product key handy).
13. Once the Repair is done, you will be able to log on with your new password (or without a password if you chose not to use one or if you chose not to be asked for a password). Your programs and personalized settings should remain intact.

Monday, 19 December 2011

VLC Media Player v1.1.11 released with exciting New Features


Simple, Powerful and Fast 

Plays everything, Files, Discs (DVD, CD, VCD, Blu-Ray), Webcams and Streams 

Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed:
MPEG-2, H.264, DivX, MPEG-4, WebM, WMV player 

Completely Free, 0 Spyware, Ads or User Tracking 

Works on most platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix... 

Media Converter and Streamer 
Discover all features

LC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, Audio CD, VCD, and various streaming protocols.
FeaturesScreenshotsSkinsDownload VLC iconDownload VLCVersion 1.1.11  •  Windows  •  20 MBOther Systems and Version

Official Downloads of VLC media player


Get VLC for Windows

Mac OS X

Get VLC for Mac OS X
Get VLC for iOS


You can also directly get the source code.


Get VLC for Debian GNU/Linux
Get VLC for Ubuntu
Get VLC for Mint
Get VLC for openSUSE
Get VLC for Gentoo Linux
Get VLC for Fedora
Get VLC for Arch Linux
Get VLC for Slackware Linux
Get VLC for Mandriva Linux
Get VLC for ALT Linux
Get VLC for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Other OS

Get VLC for FreeBSD
Get VLC for NetBSD
Get VLC for OpenBSD
Get VLC for Solaris
Get VLC for Android
Get VLC for QNX
Get VLC for Syllable
Get VLC for OS/2

Hack Rapidshare using ‘Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8′

Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8 hack rapidshare
Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8 is a handy tool to facilitate downloads from terrible It allows multiple simultaneous downloads by using proxies. Rapidshare link grabber 1.4.8 is the most popular and downloader.It contains all tools you need to cheat Rapidshare free-service:
  • Link Collector (My Link Store)
  • Proxy Checker (ESSENTIAL)
  • Link Checker (Check your links before downloading!)
  • IP Renew option (for those with dynamic IPs)
  • Rapidshare explorer (search files on Rapidshare via Google)
  • With advanced built-in downloader you can prioritize your downloads (using Speed Limiter).
This is the new version of rapidshare link grabber and you can download it for free.

What is Phishing? and how to detect Phisher?

hack email password What is Phishing and how to detect PhisherPhishing is a type of deception designed to steal your valuable personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information,
phishers send millions of fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from Web sites you trust, like your bank or credit card company, and request that you provide personal information.

What does a phishing scam look like?
As scam artists become more sophisticated, so do their phishing e-mail messages and pop-up windows.
They often include official-looking logos from real organizations and other identifying information taken directly from legitimate Web sites.
Phishing Scams in Plain English

How to Detect Phisher?

Here are a few phrases to look for if you think an e-mail message is a phishing scam.
“Verify your account.”
Businesses should not ask you to send passwords, login names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through e-mail.
If you receive an e-mail from Microsoft asking you to update your credit card information, do not respond: this phishing scam. To learn more, read Fraudulent e-mail that requests credit card information sent to Microsoft customers.
“If you don’t respond within 48 hours, your account will be closed.”
These messages convey a sense of urgency so that you’ll respond immediately without thinking. Phishing e-mail might even claim that your response is required because your account might have been compromised.
“Dear Valued Customer.”
Phishing e-mail messages are usually sent out in bulk and often do not contain your first or last name.
“Click the link below to gain access to your account.”
HTML-formatted messages can contain links or forms that you can fill out just as you’d fill out a form on a Web site.
The links that you are urged to click may contain all or part of a real company’s name and are usually “masked,” meaning that the link you see does not take you to that address but somewhere different, usually a phony Web site.
Notice in the following example that resting the mouse pointer on the link reveals the real Web address, as shown in the box with the yellow background. The string of cryptic numbers looks nothing like the company’s Web address, which is a suspicious sign.
Example of masked URL address
Phishers use URLs that resemble the name of a well-known company but are slightly altered by adding, omitting, or transposing letters. For example, the URL “” could appear instead as:

Save or Download Protected Images

Normally, you can save Images/Pictures from Flickr (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying “Save Image As..” but in the case of protected Flickr images,
all you will see on the desktop is a blank 1×1 pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif
Reason : When a Flickr or orkut member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails.
Solution : You may either use the good-old Print Screen / Screenshot or any of the methods below to defeat the Orkut image protection…
For Firefox: Go to Tools -> Page Info -> Media – Scroll down until you see that orkut image in the Media Preview Window. Click the Save As button.
See the Screenshot Below
In IE, Opera, Safari or Firefox: Right click the Flickr web page and chose “View HTML source” – now search for “spaceball.gif” in the HTML source. You’ll find the full location of the protected image enclosed in the img src=” Link of Image “
Now find the Actual image Link and Download it.
You can also use this trick to Download images from other image protected sites.

How to Import Facebook Contacts to Google Plus

By WordPress Expert

Hello friends, I hope you all are happy with the Free Google plus invitation through my Blog Give Away.Thanks to all for like on my fan page as well as sharing my blog posts on Facebook.After joining Google plus- many people asked, is there any way we can import Facebook contacts to Google plus.
I Google yesterday and find a a reason Why  Facebook Block Export Facebook contacts . but don’t worry we find a way to import your all Facebook friends to Google plus.
There is no direct way, we can export Facebook contacts, so, what we have to do is follow below steps to get all your Facebook friends to Google+.
You need to have one Yahoo Email Address, if you don’t have please register at yahoo to get yahoo email address.

How to Import Facebook friends to Google Plus

Importing contacts to Facebook required to follow two steps.Facebook don’t allow Gmail service to import their data. only we can do using yahoo service. if you don’t have yahoo email address, please register and take a one for.
  1. First we Import Facebook contacts to yahoo
  2. then, we  link yahoo profile to access facebook contatcs . that’ it All Your Facebook Friends in Google Plus.
Hmm….Not getting..don’t worry , here is step by step process explain how to import Facebook contacts to yahoo.Hotmail and Google plus service
  1. How to Import Facebook contacts to Yahoo

Login to  your yahoo email address’s and go to contacts Tab as shown in Below screen
Now click on import contacts , you will be come which various options, where you wold like to import conatcs like  Facebook,Yahoo.GMail and so on Simply click on facebook icon to start importing contacts from facebook
import facebook contactsimport facebook contacts
After you complete with importing contacts to yahoo, a message comes like as shown in below screenshot.
So, all your friends contacts in yahoo now, yahoo allow us to export those contatcs to various format.

Connect Yahoo Profile from Google Plus to import Facebook Contacts

Now simply loging to your google+ Account, and  go to circle tab, and connect your yahoo profile from google plus account

That’s it, Now all you facebook contacts are now imported and accessible from google plus service. let me know any issue in steps of import facebook contacts to google plus.
Please don’t forget to share your valuable words in context of importing facebook contatcs and google plus experience.

How to Hide hard-disk Partitions

· This trick is for all those people who want to hide tons of
data into their box. So here it is, if you have very important
data in your hard drive placed in some partition which you do
not want anybody to access then this trick is only for you!
· Just click on start>run type gpedit.msc, now navigate through
user configuration> administrative templates > windows
components> windows explorer, now double click on
Hide these specified drives in My Computer” modify it accordingly
then just below you will find another option “Prevent access to
drives from My Computer”, double click on this option and
modify it accordingly.
· To make it visible again select “disable” by double clicking on the
Hide these specified drives in My Computer” option.

How to make invisible folder – hide folder in windows

How to make invisible folder - hide folder in windowsYou ever have a folder on your computer that you really don’t want any one to find? You can make this folder hidden but then you have to un-hide all the folders when ever you want to find it. So how can you make a folder truly invisible? Follow these simple steps below and your unmentionables will stay that way.
#1. Right click where ever you want the invisible folder to be and select create a new folder,next
#2. Right Click on the folder and hit rename. Erase the name of the folder so there is nothing there.
#3. If you try to stop here windows will tell you that you need to provide a name. So to get around this… with the name field still active hold down ALT and press 0160 on the number pad (make sure Num Lock is on), release alt.
You should now have a blank name with nothing but a folder next to it
#4. Now click on the nameless folder and right click. Select Properties.
#5. Go to the Customize tab.
How to make invisible folder
#6. Find and press the Change Icon button. Scroll through the icons until you find one that has no image.
How to make invisible folder
There u go !!! Enjoy.
In case you are wondering how it works, by pressing Alt+0160 , you are actually assigning the name as space. Its a cool way to rename your My Computer icon . You just have the icon … No name !!!

Quick guide to Google+ for Dummies!

Everyone is struggling to get Google+ account and those who have already got one are busy exploring it. Just when i joined Google+, I literally spent whole day on it exploring and Googling more about it. The User interface of Google+ is clean and Impressive, though it closely resembles to Facebook’s UI.
Interestingly Google+ let’s you edit your posts after publishing, this was really unexpected feature and one can use this feature in a wrong way. Overall Google+ seems to be promising next generation social Network.
I remember my old days, when i joined facebook couple of years ago, i felt really difficult to use it but then with time i mastered it..i can say :) . Now same thing is happening again with Google+. So if you don’t wanna waste your time Googling how to use Google+, here’s a Quick Google+ cheat sheet that explains all the stuff that you can do on Google+, as well as useful shortcuts that are supported by Google+.
Note: Don’t forget to Add me on Google+ – Click here! OR if you haven’t got any invitation to Join, please scrap your ‘Gmail address’ in the comments and I’ll send you one. (takes around 12hours or more)
#1. Circles are like grouping people and Following them like on Twitter. In other words, it is similar to Facebook friend lists or Twitter Lists. You can create your own custom circle and add people by dragging them in from a list of contacts.
google plus circle
#2. +1 Button on a post is the same as “Like” button on Facebook. +1 Button on any Website is Similar to Facebook “Share” Button.#3. Text Options in post: unlike Facebook, here you can make your words bolditalic & 
Strike out
. To do so you just need to add some ‘special characters’ before and after the text, see below:
#4. Just like Facebook you can add photos, videos, or links to your posts. You can drag photos and videos from your desktop or folder and drop them (in post) into the Stream editor.
google plus post
#5. To mention people in your Posts, Just add + or @ in front of their name.
#6. If you set your Post to “Public” then  people who are not in your circle may see this post. You can also make it visible to only selected circles or friends. If you Select “Extended circles” then everyone in your circles, plus all the people in their circles can see your post; this is similar to friends of friends in Facebook.
post visibility on google plus
#7. Like Twitter, you can also Re-share other peoples Posts. If you don’t want people to re-share your posts then Click the arrow at the Top-Right of the post and choose “Disable”.
#8. In Google+ you cannot send Private messages to people. The only way to do so is by sharing your post with them privately. Make sure you disable Re-share option for that post, because the person with whom you are sharing can Re-share it.
#7. Keyboard Hot-keys:
google plus hot keys
Again, Don’t forget to Add me on Google+ – Click here! OR if you haven’t got any invitation to Join, please scrap your ‘Gmail address’ in the comments and I’ll send you one (takes around 12hours or more).

Facebook hacking for free

                                                                                                                                 Hacking Facebook Account Password using Free Emissary Keylogger Software 2011 How to hack into someones facebook Profile id account facebook password hacking software free download
 In this Post i am not using any facebook hacker software or any thing like that because hardly anyone is going to enter their login details on such crap softwares. People have become Smart, who knows they might be the readers of hacker9. Also i would strongly recommended you not to try any hacking softwares from any other websites.
In this Post i have discussed about how you can use keylogger to hack into anyone’s facebook account. In this tutorial i have used free keylogger called Emissary Keylogger, That does more than hacking facebook account password. This keylogger will mail you all the saved passwords on your victims PC to your Gmail account. As Most facebook addicts do save their password in their web-browser, there is high possibility that you will get facebook login details. Alon with this the keylogger will also mail you all the information about your Victim. This information includes Screenshots, opened window details, visited websites and much more.
 Not all hacking softwares and keyloggers are Anti-Spywares Shielded. Most Antivirus Softwares are familiar with these free keyloggers and they might flag this keylogger as a Virus. So to experience this keylogger you might need to temporarily turn off your antivirus or uninstall it. But Don’t worry, if your victims antivirus is not up to date or freeone, there are high chances that you may end up getting his keylogs. So give it a Try.
-Features of Emissary Keylogger:
  • Can mail all the Keystrokes including login details
  • Can send screenshots of the victim’s Screen
  • Can Block VirusScanning Websites on victim’s computer
  • Can Disable TaskManager on victim’s PC
  • Can Disable Regedit on victim’s PC

-How to Use this Keylogger to hack Facebook Password?

First make sure you have ‘Microsoft’s .net Framework‘ installed on your PC, if you dont have please download and install it. [*] The victim need not have .net framework. Follow the Steps below:
Step 1: Download ‘Emissary Keylogger‘ Software and extract the files to desktop. If your Antivirus deletes the file, then please turnoff your Antivirus or uninstall it and try downloading again.
Step 2: Run ‘Emissary.exe’ file and enter your gmail account details,  so that the password and other info of your victim can be mailed to you. If you are afraid of entering your gmail details, then do create one temporary fake account and enter those details.
Download Free Emissary Keylogger Software
Step 3: After you enter your ‘Gmail account’ details Click on ‘Test’ to test the connection to your Gmail account.  In the Server name Field you can change the name if you want. enter any Time Interval in the interval field. This timer controls the time interval between two keylogs emails. You can also show fake error message to your Victim when he clicks your server.exe file. to do so enter the error title and description in the ‘Fake error message’ field.
Hacking Facebook Account Password using Free Emissary Keylogger Software How to hack into someones facebook Profile
Step4: Now after filling the required fields, Click ‘Build’ button. This will create another file called server.exe in the same directory.
Step5: Now send this server.exe file to victim and make him install it on his computer. You can use Binder or Crypter to bind this server.exe file with say any .mp3 file so that whenever victim runs mp3 file, server is automatically installed on his computer without his knowledge. also read: How to change ICON of .exe file?
How to hack into someones facebook Profile id account facebook password hacking software free download
* ] Now because this is a free keylogger, you can’t send server.exe file via email. Almost all email domains have security policy which does not allow sending .exe files. So to do this you need to compress the file with WinRar or upload it to Free File Storage Domains, like Mediafire, rapidshare, filethief etc.
Step6: Once the victim runs your sent keylogger file on his computer, it searches for all the stored usernames and passwords and it will send you email containing all keylogs and screenshots regularly after the specified ‘Time interval’.

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