Thursday, 23 February 2012

Use any trial softwares full time

This trick is amazing, No need of any software for crack or for increase time period, just edit registry. This works upon 3rd party software, just applying simple steps you can easy crack any software. What we going to do, we will remove the trace that the software was previously installed in your computer and the next time again when you install the software it will not find the trace back that this software had been previously installed in this computer.

Steps are here:

  • .First uninstall the software.

  • Go to Start-> Run and just type “Regedit”.

  • Now in 3rd step go to HK Local Machine -> Software -> Your Software name. Delete the Key. Do this 
  • for HK Current user if there exists a key of that software.

            Go to Start-> run-> then type “%temp%. Delete all files. (it is for delete temporary files)

  • Go to My computer->documents and settings-> Users -> Username -> Appdata Check all 3 directories that is “Local”, “LocalLow”, “Roaming”    for    your software entry. Delete that.

  • Now just reinstall application and enjoy the next trial :). You can use this every time..... 

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  1. i am using tata docomo with micromax device i used to recharge it with rs95 for 4 gb but the speed is 2g can u tell me any trick to use 3g on 2g charges please tell.......


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