Monday, 20 February 2012

Create Interesting mail_ID like

Be ready for this blasting post,............  Many of you tried to create mail Id with your name, on gmail, yahoomail, hotmail, and etc,..  now time to impress your friends by creating some interesting email id like etc. 
Now you would be thinking from where we can create these types of interesting email ids. Its very easy and you will find any mail Id becose I have founded some very new sites, and there all the names you can think are available now,

so to create this type of mail ID's you Just have to do one thing Send me  your name 
(at for new mail ID you want to create, and I will reply with Your email_ID and Password, after that you will be able to configure your mail ID, password and all other settings.

Send this mail with/from your own existing email_id where I can send Your new mail ID and password.

NOTE:  The same service is available to create new blogs or  free websites, you have to fallow the same proccess, given above,..

Domains are limited so to get your fevorite mail ID, send me as soon as possible...

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