Thursday, 2 February 2012

use airtel 2G plane with 3G speed,..

Rs.106 for 2GB (30 days)
 to activate fallow the stapes carefully,....

1-Activate an 8hrs 3G plane and then wait for the service is started,(in 8hrs you will get 10mb free data usases for 1 day)

2- After the service activation use the 2-3 mb of data.and then recharge with 98Rs mobile office plane on the same day. And do not use internet till your 8hrs plane validity get finished.(wait fo.r one day)

3-After the one day waiting, you can use internet with 3G speed and your 98Rs plane is activ, it will not charge you any thing...thats ittt....

NOTE: you can use only a free data usases of 2GB. In 3G speed you wont notice your 2GB get finished, So always try this trick in loww balance 

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