Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Protect Yourself from Mobile Radiation

Now a days using of mobile phone is increasing in our world. We can’t stay a while without our mobile. Mobile phones have many advantages as well as many drawbacks. Which people are constantly using mobile for talking may cause brain cancer, heart deases and many more. Follow some tips to protect yourself from mobile radiation.
1) Always try to use land-line phone for long marketing and sales communications. Even don’t use wireless mobile phones as they release radiation which have health effects.

2) While walking and driving, don’t use mobile phones as it discharges more radiation to keep track of you.
3) Don’t allow children to use mobile phones. Since child heads skulls are slimmer and heads are not developed completely, mind will easily get suffering from radiation.
4) Avoid using mobile mobile phones during pregnancy as the radiation impacts the child as well.
5) Do not use mobile phone when there is poor signal. Then it would use more radiation to make connection appropriate.
6) Don’t kppe your mobile near by you when sleep, it can affect your brain.
7) Even messaging should also be decreased as it discharges alerts. So keep the mobile away even while text messaging. Ongoing messaging even impacts your eyes.
8) Decrease the time of talking in the mobile. Even three-minute use might effect your brain’s action for an time.
9) Don’t keep mobile in your shirt pocket. It may affect your heart.
10) Use bluetooth ear phones. Don’t use wired ear phones as it impact ear problems.
11) Always buy a simple phone which emits less radiation than huge cell phones.

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