Saturday, 28 July 2012

Error Message Generator – A Tool To Make Custom Error Messages

error message generatorIf you want to play jokes with your friends and you try find new ways to fool them, then we have a nice custom error message generator. You just need to design your custom error message that you want your friends to see and select the website on which you want to show the error message. That’s it, you will get a link which you can send to your friends and they will see your custom error message.

error message generator tool

Steps To Use Error Message Generator :

  1. Go to Error Generator Website.
  2. Design your error message. It has many options for customization like Title, Message, Number of buttons and much more. Just fill in all those and you will be given a link.
  3. This is the link I got after creating my error message. Now you can just shorten the URL you got with any URL shortening service.
    error message generator link
  4. Share the link with your friends and make them see your custom error messages.

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