Sunday, 10 June 2012

Hide Any local disk in Windows PC

Hi, friends, we already posted some tricks to hide the drive or lock any drive of your pc. But today I have a brand new trick to hide any drive in windows pc with a new method. This trick is very easy and I have been given some steps which make it more easier for you. Just follow these steps to hide your LOCAL DISK in your windows pc

STEP 1.-
First of all decide that which disk you want to hide [e.g I want to hide LOCAL DISK (K:) ]

STEP 2.-
Now just click on start button or press windows key on your keyboard. Here you'll see "COMPUTER" on right side.

STEP 3.-
Now move the cursor to it and right click on it.

STEP 4.-
Here you'll see "MANAGE" option , just click on it.

STEP 5.-
Now a new window will be opened as shown in below screenshot.

STEP 6.-
Here in left panel you'll see an option of DISK MANAGEMENT, just click on it and you'll get details of all LOCAL DISK present on your PC.

STEP 7.-
Now just right click on that disk which you decided to hide in STEP 1.

STEP 8.-
Here you'll see some option after doing right click on any drive, now just choose "Change Drive Letter And Paths..."

STEP 9.-
After doing step 8, you'll get 3 option ADD, CHANGE & REMOVE. Just click on REMOVE and hit enter.

You HAve done.
See your drive has been hidden..

[Note- IF you want to show the hidden drive then just follow same steps upto STEP 9. And this time choose option of ADD and choose your drive letter and u have done. See your hidden drive is back.]

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