Saturday, 24 March 2012

how to save web pages to pdf

how to save web pages to pdf

this is another firefox trick. Many timesyou save web pages for further use or reading. But saving those pages in a pdf form is a better idea. when you save a web page, it will create a html file and a folder associated with it. It's difficult to manage that file and folder than managing a pdf alone. So i'll suggest you to save a page in pdf format. Now the problem is while saving a web page in pdf formats. you can do it esily if you have firefox installed in your computer system. Ypu just need to download Save as PDF Add on in your firefox.

This add-on lets you easily save web pages to pdf. It places a button on your toolbar -- just click it to save the current page as a pdf. It uses Pdfcrowd html to pdf online service.

If the button is not placed on the toolbar automatically, please follow these steps:

   1. Right click the toolbar.
   2. Select Customize at the bottom of the popup menu.
   3. Scroll down and drag the Save as PDF button to the toolbar. 

The add-on works right out of the box using the default settings. If you want to customize the pdf you can sign up for a paid account at Pdfcrowd. The available options include page size, page orientation, margins, password protection, initial view, etc.

You can learn how it works at

The toolbar button is updated after each conversion:
- A red rectangle indicates an error. Hover your mouse over the button and a tooltip will display the error message.
- A little red dot indicates that you are not logged in at Pdfcrowd, hence the default settings were used.

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