Monday, 5 March 2012

Get Free Antivirus from Microsoft

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Today i m going to provide you the best thig you ever looking for,.........  
every one wants a antivirus to secure there computer from viruses, spywares, adwares, and from attacks through internet,....

  Now days many antiviruses providing a free trial virsion for the users, but the reality is, not a single antivirus works properly withought a key(genuen product), but there is a way to get a full virsion antivirus for your windows XP..

 Now I have a trick for you to get a free antivirus from microsoft, As I know Microsoft provides A free antivirus for their Genuine window users,. 

So to get  a free antivirus You must have to make youe XP genuine, Here is the process,..

  1.  First be sure That you have Installed Windows XP sp2 on your system If you have sp3 then first   uninstall that from the control pannel-> Add or Remove Programs
  2.  Then DOWNLOAD this file here          Download here 
 3.      password        
  4.  Now extract that file at desktop,

  5.  Double Click on "Make Genuine windows" file and choose YES.

  6.  then restart your computer

  7.  after that doubel click on "Genuine" file and again choose, and restart your compute.

  8.  again repeat the stape "5" and "6" two times. 

  9.  Now connect your computer to internet.  and click on  "legitckech" file to validate your window.  

 If you got the above screen(in the picture) it means you have done,...

 10.  click on    Get It Now   and download the antivirus(Microsoft Security Essentials), 
 11.  Now  install it on your computer. And update it....

.................Congrats you have done.................
NOTE: IF your validation is not complited till now then repet this process again.

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  1. Sometime it may need to download some softwares, just download all exe file and try to instal them generaly, One or to may compatible for your system. sfter instslling them, again try to install the antivirus,..


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