Friday, 25 November 2011

Install Windows 8 devlopers preview using USB drive

Microsoft release the Windows 8 devlopers preview which is the best tested OS from microsoft.
You can download the iso image file from microsoft site, but how to install Windows 8 with USB drive?

If you want to install Windows 8  with USB drive in your laptop or PC, then follow the below steps.
First you have to download the iso image file, download it below.:
Now Download Windows7 USB/DVD tool.:
Step 1.: Install Windows7 USB/DVD tool and open it, Now browse for windows 8 iso file and click NEXT.

Step 2.: Select USB in creating bootable image.

Step 3.: Plug in USB and browse the USB, Now click Being Copying.

Step 4.: Windows 8 files now be copying to USB from image.

Step 5.: Now simply Restart your computer and boot your computer via USB drive.

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