Sunday, 13 November 2011

Get Details of Bsnl Numbers

BSNL Phone Numbers Details.

You can trace the Bsnl phone numbers details.Its quite easy and possible.

EXAMPLE: For tracing the address of a number located in Assam(India) just log in to

After logging in, select the area (city) to which the phone number belong and then proceed further.

In the option "Search by" , select Telephone number. select the station to which the phone no. belongs and finally write the phone number in the "Search key field" . In this way the address of that particular number will be traced.

For selecting any other state of India, log on to . In the Right hand side you see the "BSNL units" option (above Username field), select your state from the menu and then proceed further.

NOTE : Try both, number including (2) as well as number excluding (2) as a prefix.

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