Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Windows Update Remover Tool

Hello friends, as you know that updating the windows xp may cause many problems, like slow processing, autometic restart, and problem in shuting down etc. To resolve these problems either you have to Reinstall the Operating system or you have to remove the updates, and I think it is better to remove the updates 
In MS-Windows Xp you can remove those updates through control panal-> Add or Remove programs-> Check the option rShow updates-> select the update you want to remove and click  on remove.
But the main problem starts now. You can not remove all the updates using these stapes,

So to remove those updates you need a update removal tool, and using that tool you can easly remove all the updates. 

Stapes you have to do.

      1. Download the file below
    2. Extract it
    3. install the application 
    4. start the application
    5. select all the updates you want to remove from the given list
    6. uninstall them
You have done....................
(sorry for my english.....)

Click here to Download


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