Monday, 19 December 2011

Hack Rapidshare using ‘Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8′

Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8 hack rapidshare
Rapidshare Link Grabber 1.4.8 is a handy tool to facilitate downloads from terrible It allows multiple simultaneous downloads by using proxies. Rapidshare link grabber 1.4.8 is the most popular and downloader.It contains all tools you need to cheat Rapidshare free-service:
  • Link Collector (My Link Store)
  • Proxy Checker (ESSENTIAL)
  • Link Checker (Check your links before downloading!)
  • IP Renew option (for those with dynamic IPs)
  • Rapidshare explorer (search files on Rapidshare via Google)
  • With advanced built-in downloader you can prioritize your downloads (using Speed Limiter).
This is the new version of rapidshare link grabber and you can download it for free.

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